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عنوان و موقع جامعة النيل المصرية Nile University

تعرف علي عنوان و موقع جامعة النيل المصرية في مصر Nile University
تعريف ببيانات الجامعة 
جامعة النيل أوّل جامعة بحثية مصرية لاربحية أسسها في يوليو 2006 المؤسسة المصرية لتطوير التعليم التكنولوجي بدعم من وزارة الاتصالات وتكنولوجيا المعلومات المصرية
    Nile University (NU) is a world-class research institution of learning committed to excellence in education and research.
    Nile University is an Ahleya, non-governmental and non-profit university and the first of its kind in Egypt.
    The university offers both undergraduate and graduate programs
    NU was officially inaugurated in January 2007 with the aim of creating a tech-based knowledge generation platform to help streamline Egyptian youth with the global innovation and science community.
    Its business and technology-based programs and research centers are designed to address critical areas of vital importance to the economic growth and prosperity of the people of Egypt and the region and to engage in cutting-edge applied research.
What We Do
Recognizing the value placed on integrating engineering and business related programs, it was decided to proceed, inline with the University mission, with an academic structure that comprises five schools; three in engineering, one in business, and one in management of technology at the graduate level. These are:
School of Communication & Information Technology
Graduate School of Management of Technology
School of Business
School of Engineering & applied science
Nile University also hosts three centers to support its academic programs, research activities and its far-reaching mission. The first is in support of interdisciplinary applied research, the second is to promote and support entrepreneurship, and incubation of startup companies and the third center is to promote innovation and protection of intellectual property rights.
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